Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clarke Island

On Sunday we woke to a perfect dawn and set off to paddle around Badger Island. We had spent the night before camped on the island which is overrun with mice. It was not a restful night.
After Badger we visited Goose island then headed off for Clarke Island as the next day's forecast wasn't good. We spent the next day relaxing and drying gear. Yesterday morning was the final crossing, Banks Strait. We crossed in perfect conditions with Tidetech once again proving of great worth and made a landing on good old Tassie soil at 15.28. It was great to be home!
My wife Lyn drove up today to pick us up and now I am home again. Time to relax :)

Weather update from Karel Vissel
updt tues mrng nw 10 to 15 knts noon n to nw 5 to 10 knts aft nw 10 to 15 knts seas 0.50 to 1 mtr frm ene

On Clarke Island

A good job, well done :-)


  1. Congratulations and well done Geoff and team, on your successful crossing of Bass Strait. Now you've experienced the beauty and charm of the islands, I expect you'll make many more visits to the Furneauxs. Cheers Tony

  2. And a big welcome home, it's great to see all the photos and hear all about the trip. You have done a wonderful job in organising and navigating your way across Bass Strait.xxxx

  3. It was my pleasure to be helpful,Thanks for inviting me on your journey.

  4. Congratulations!!
    Looks like a very 'straight-forward' (=perfect) tidal navigation to Swann Island and into Little Mussleroe Bay. Over here have my sail up my Explorer and now looking for time (and wind) to go kayak sailing. I learned from VSKC that Bass Strait is currently a busy place with sea kayaks ;-)
    P.S. Great Pictures!

  5. And thank you Karel for your reliability and superb forecasts :-)

  6. Hi Axel. Thanks! You remember we planned a crossing of Banks Strait together using the tidal diamonds, it worked pretty well using Tidetech too!
    There was one other group of 4 paddlers in the Strait at the same time as us, we met them at Erith Island.
    Enjoy your sailing :)