Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hogan Island

Yesterday we paddled to Hogan Is. Up at 5.00, away by 7am. 10 hrs and 54.8 kms later we paddled into our little cove at Hogan. We did our calculations for the current using Tidetech and paddled on a bearing of 90 degrees ( rather than 100 direct to Hogan) for the first 7 hrs, corrected slightly toward Hogan as the wind was blowing us sideways a little and the end result was a perfect curve straight into Hogan arriving at slack water. Thanks Tidetech! Good conditions on the way across, fabulous sunrise then very hazy. For awhile it looked like we were going to be paddling in sea fog, not good in a busy shipping lane, but fortunately the fog cleared and we maintained visibility. We paddled for 4 hrs before faintly seeing Hogan by which time Wilsons Promontory was well and truly gone. An unusual feeling being out of sight of everything bar a few distant islands! Poured with rain last night which at least drowned out the noise of the penguins and the rats scurrying around. At least 2 days here then hopefully on to Deal Is on Saturday.

updt thu mrng s to sw 5 to 10 knts s to sse 5 to15 knts aft se 5 to 15 knts seas 0.50 to 1.50 mtr frm se

Leaving Refuge Cove, a stunning dawn

We had to cross a busy coastal shipping channel, eyes peeled


  1. Well done on the passsage guys. Tidetech is new to me - looks an interesting and sophisticated new techology. When we were on Hogan we had a lightning display of monumental proportion. The small island to the SE took a direct hit and burnt the whole island over 2 days, BBQ'd all the penguins on shore - very sad.

    How's the fishing going or will the Hogan rats be on the menu haha. Cheers Tony

  2. Good to see htat the crossing went well

  3. Rats are an expensive treat in Cambodia. Guess you won't be trying them tho' :)
    Glad you got there safely and that the weather has been kind.
    Keep safe, missing you xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    the wife :)

  4. Well done all of you! Great to you are all safe :0) Shame about the noise with the 'wildlife' Have a safe & fune trip Saturday :)

  5. Geoff, any chance of copying a record of all the kayakers and kayak groups and dates, of people who have paddled Bass Strait and logged into the Hogan Island log book. It would be an important piece of kayak history and preserve the information in case of fire or vandalism. It would also be interesting information to analyse trends.
    Thanks Tony

  6. Geoff, Ive heard Bear Grylls is going to parachute onto Hogan Island to show you how to eat the wildlife (rats)-man verses wild - he's just completed a Cambodian stint. Tell Jean not to be squeamish, it's for the puplic/eco good haha. cheers Tony

  7. Did anyone take a wilderness version of a slow cooker, I could probably whip up some great recipes for you :)

  8. Hi Tony, sorry won't have time to record the kayak visits, there are a huge number and it would take a day to do it. I did photograph 4 of the entries, yours, laurie geoghan's, stu trueman' and Justine curgenven's.
    Mr Grylls might miss us as we leave at 9 am tomorrow morning. He won't go hungry!!!