Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On Erith Island

Yesterday we had an easy day exploring this marvellous area. In the morning Mark and I paddled around to the Swashway (the low point between Erith Is and Dover Is that goes underwater at high tide). Some of the others did it on foot, our way was easier!
Also today the caretakers and ranger dismantled the toilet, a real shame, now we have to go bush again!
In the afternoon we all paddled across to Deal Island to do a little exploring. We walked up to the lighthouse to see our next destination a looong way away. Then we took a look at the fascinating museum and took a short walk down to Little Squally Cove. Visited the Swashway on the way back and paddled through it just because :)
Today a very lazy day, currently watching 4 paddlers down below struggling against a strong tidal flow at the end of a long day. Company tonight. Looks like we won't be out of here until Monday at least.

Museum on Deal Island

View from Deal Island lighthouse back towards Dover and Erith Islands
Deal Island lighthouse globes
View to the lighthouse from the museum
A sad history
Little Squally Cove
Deal Island haulageway
Erith and Dover islands, Deal Island in the background

Looking across to Dover Island
Curtis Island at sunset
Wright Rock and Craggy Island in the far distance, our next destination


  1. Hi Geoff and fellow paddlers. Hope its not too windy ther, have had strong wind reports here. Would love a pic of a large wave cresting with you in the barrel. Seriously I would love a pic of a good wave, will buy it off you when you get back. Have fun and be safe xxxx

  2. Hi Greg, thanks for the phone message. Sounds amazing so far!
    Have been following the blog, thanks Geoff, it's great!
    Enjoy Erith Island and the company.....

  3. Never got to hear why the toilet had to be dismantled?