Sunday, March 13, 2011

Erith Island

We finally paddled into West Cove on Erith Is with the last of the flood yesterday afternoon. Our group left Hogan Island at 9.15 am with the aim of arriving at Erith at slack tide. Using Tidetech we set a course 20 degrees north of the Kent Group knowing that the current would carry us down to Erith. Once again it worked a treat :)
Apart from a light headwind at times conditions were spectacularly good with calm seas and a low rolling 1 to 1.5 metre swell from the SE. We saw Albatross, gulls, Petrel and Gannets as well as a couple of big schools of fish ( fortunately no BIG fish :) as well as having to stop and wait for a large British cargo ship whose captain was very friendly and more than a little curious as to what we were doing out there (contact by VHF). Paddling all of the way was tiring and we were all pleased to get out of the boats at Erith Is.
We will be staying here in the Kent Group for a few days then it is the big jump (65+ kms) to Flinders.
I'm sitting on a hill looking out over a headland and bay looking back across to Hogan Island off in the distance. It's a perfect sunny morning with a light breeze from the east. Far off in the distance behind Hogan I can just see Wilson's Promontory 83 kilometres away. Fabulous :)

updte sat mrng e 5 to 15 knts noon ne 5 to 15 knts aft ene to ne 5 to 10 knts seas 0.50 to 1.50 mtr frm sw and ese dir

This ship had a captain happy to chat
Sea fog over part of the Kent Group
Rounding into Murray Pass
Sunset at West Cove, Erith Island

Erith Island hut

Wallabi Cove
Sunset over Murray Pass

East Cove, Deal Island

The Caretaker's Garden


  1. So wonderful that you have had great weather and good paddles. Was great to talk to you. Navigation sounds like it is working a treat. Spoke to Shirley and she said it may be busy with people with the swap over on Deal re caretakers - should give you lots of people to chat to. All is good at home, Nikki & Dory hope to take the beautiful twin girls home today. Jed is still going strong, he is good company. Lovely weather here today, Jed & I will go for a walk and then I'll go for a paddle (just a short one). Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Geoff, congratulations to you and the team. I look forward to seeing some great pics as you explore the beauty of these islands and it's scenic splendour. Thanks for the details on your navigation exercise as I'm doing a little comparison with my own estimates - just to keep my hand in. Good luck and best wishes Tony

  3. Sounds Absoloutly Fantastic Geoff :) What an experience for you Hope you are taking lots of Photos :) How did you go with the Poo Rolls Did you take them Or .... Glad the weather is being kind for all of you out there Take Care Have the best time and look after each other :)Look forward to your next update :)