Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Route

We will start at Port Welshpool, paddle down to Refuge Cove and then begin the first major crossing, paddling 52kms to Hogan Island. The next step is 40 kms from Hogan Island to the Kent Group including Deal Island. The longest crossing follows, paddling 60+kms from Deal Island to Flinders Island. We will work our way down the Western side of Flinders Island before hopping across to Cape Barren Island and then crossing the notorious Banks Strait before landing at Little Musselroe Bay. A total of approximately 320kms.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

More support

Predictwind, a sophisticated means of getting the very best in wind forecasts has agreed to provide us with their latest version of forecasting software http://forecast.predictwind.com. The weather is critical in a Bass Strait crossing and Predictwind will add another layer of safety to our paddle.
Also, Karel Vissel of http://www.kayakweather.com will be providing twice daily forecasts. With the excellent Bureau of Meteorology forecasts, Predictwind and Karel's forecasts we should be able to approach the crossing with the best in weather information.
Another tool at our disposal will be the fantastic tidal and current information available from Tidetech. http://www.tidetech.org This software gives tidal current direction and speed at any point every half hour in Bass Strait up to 4 days ahead. Absolutely invaluable.


My employer, Norske Skog, has generously donated an Asus netbook to enable me to post to my blog during the crossing. They have also arranged transport for our boats and two cars from Burnie to Melbourne with a business partner, Toll Transport. We are indebted to these two companies for their support.


We are all busy preparing ourselves, body and boat for the Strait crossing.Getting the miles in, together and alone is important to increase our fitness.